Thank You Steve Crist

Apr 26th 2008 03:36 pm |

Needless to say, I was psyched about the endorsement for Colin’s Ghost on the Crist Blog. I have been a reader of Steven Crist’s work with DRF since becoming a race fan. His entertaining memoir Betting on Myself was one of the books that pushed me “all in” as a racing enthusiast. To see him write that my blog was “worth a click” gave me quite a thrill.

Thanks to the mention in the Crist Blog, I saw my first comments come in. I am grateful for the kind words from those who took a minute to send me a comment. Eddie C asked about the track at Havre de Grace mentioned in one of the sources I quoted. I have done some prior research on the track and will outline its history in a future post.

Yesterday was indeed a good day. A visit to the course at Atlantic City capped off a memorable Friday. I am working on a post about the AC course that will include some historic images of the track’s opening day in 1946. The Brooklyn Backstretch had a nice piece about a visit to AC that is definitely worth a look.

Correction: I mentioned in the Belmont Park piece that the track opened this Saturday (April 26) which was obviously wrong. A classic case of missing the forest for the trees. I have updated the page to correct the error.

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