Kelso and the D.C. International, 1961-1964

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Kelso with trainer Carl Hanford, 1964

I am now in my third year with Colin’s Ghost and find myself circling back to subjects previously covered. One unavoidable topic, especially around this time of the year, is the great Kelso. While horses like Secretariat and Man o’ War dominate the first two places on all-time-great lists, it is Kelso who, in my book, deserves top honor as the greatest of all-time.

Yes, Kelso had the advantage of being a gelding (did I just write that?), allowing him to race longer than the others. Yes, Secretariat put together the greatest Triple Crown run in history and Man o’ War decimated his opponents, setting records in the process, but neither of their careers, top to bottom, can match that of Kelso. Kelso won five Horse of the Year titles and won thirty-nine times from sixty-three career starts.

While his performances in the Jockey Club Gold Cup exemplified his dominance, the Washington D.C. International exemplified his greatness. The D.C. International stood as Kelso’s white whale. He only won it once from four tries but his defeats, on a surface he did not prefer, speaks volumes to how good he was. In today’s racing where owners and trainers seek out the “best spot” for their horses, Kelso’s owner and trainer put him in the D.C. International four straight years, knowing the world-class competition he would face, knowing it was anything but an easy placement for the best horse in training at the time. They were rewarded with four of the greatest performances of his career, even though only one ended in victory.

In searching through the race films at Critical Past, I found footage of the two races that served as bookends for Kelso’s career on turf. One covers the 1961 D.C. International at Laurel Park, the first turf race of his career, and the first of three straight second place finishes for Kelso in the race. The second reports on Kelso, four years later, finally winning the race that eluded him.

The first clip, from 1961, provides visual documentation of the heart and fight of the great champion. After setting the pace for much of the race, he lost by only 3/4 of a length to that year’s Grass Champion, T.V. Lark. Watch Kelso give everything he had in the stretch:

Three years later, Kelso would finally break through in the 1964 D.C. International with a 4 1/2 length victory to conclude his fifth straight Horse of the Year campaign. It would be the final turf race of his career. Here is news reel footage showing the 1964 Horse of the Year winning the big race at Laurel:

As the newsreel reported, many believed Kelso would be retired but he returned in 1965. He won that year’s Whitney at Saratoga while winning three races from six starts. He raced once in 1966 but was retired early that year at the age of nine.

The same years that Kelso ran in the D.C. International, he also won the Jockey Club Gold Cup. This would be the equivalent today of competing in both the Breeders Cup Turf and Classic. In the 1960s, the International and Gold Cup were arguably the most prestigious turf and dirt races in the United States, just as the Breeders Cup is today. When Kelso ran in both races, they were separated by two or three weeks. In five seasons, he had six wins and three seconds in two of the most important races in the country. An unbelievable feat unlikely to ever be matched, Kelso deserves top billing among the greatest horses of the twentieth century.


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25 Responses to “Kelso and the D.C. International, 1961-1964”

  1. Ron Micetic says:

    Kevin, great stuff. I have the 1961-63-64 D.C. International programs if you’re interested in scans.

  2. RG says:

    In 1973 Preston Burch called Man O’ War the greatest of all time and he was well qualified to make the call. I don’t know the horses that Man O’ War beat but try making a list of the ten best that Kelso beat and tell me if you’re impressed.


  3. Kevin says:

    Hi RG: Thanks for the comment. You could make a case against Secretariat and Man o’ War with that same question: Who’d they beat? The sportswriter Grantland Rice, also well qualified to make the call, who saw Man o’ War, thought Exterminator was the greatest horse of all time. It’s all a matter of opinion but isn’t that what makes racing so great? Kevin

  4. Ron Micetic says:

    I always thought the more telling question was; Who beat Secretariat? As great as Big Red was when he ran well he lost 4 races outright and was DQ’d in another. That’s 5 losses in 21 races…hardly makes you the greates of all-time in my opinion. As far as who Secretariat beat…I think that is a fairly impressive list: Riva Ridge, Cougar II, Sham, Forego, Shecky Greene, and Kenedy Road.

  5. Teddy Lopez says:

    Kelso was and is the greatest racehorse of all-times. If you consider that he was a small horse who had a shorter stride than his great-grandfather, man of war and than Secretariat. Kelso di some things no other horse has ever done, like set a record on dirt and 11 days later set a record on grass. Sacry isn’t it! He also et a record for 2 miles on a sloppy track, you could go on and on about Kelso. He was the greatest of them all, there’s never been another Kelso. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  6. Teddy Lopez says:

    This says it all for Kelso. It is save to say that Kelso beat more great and very good horses than any other race horse in history. I think that takes the cake. I rest my case. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  7. Randy Scarbrough says:

    Well, well, who is anyone here knows better who is best, Secretariat or Kelso? I will tell you. It is Eddie Arcaro who rode Kelso and rated Secretariat the best he ever seen in a interview with Bill Christine in 1996. How about that. Dissect Secretariat losses. It was for a reason. Haskin, Nack, Hatton and many others said he had abscess in the Wood, a virus/fever in the Whitney and never trained for that long 1 1/2 mile Woodward race yet covered that sloppy track faster than Kelso, Man 0′ War, Seattle Slew etc Hummm pretty good I say for a horse that did not train for that race. Haskin is still in shock why Laurin ran him in that race and the Whitney. Hatton said in the 1974 American Racing Manual Secretariat was pronounced the horse of the century by veteran turfmen. Many that seen both Man 0′ War and Secretariat said Secretariat the better. Hatton even lived with Man 0′ War when a teenager. Where is the source that Preston Burch said Man 0′ War was best?? Mike Casale, Charles Hatton, Hollie Hudges, George Cassidy Rose Hamburger, Gene Schwartz and others who seen both said Secretariat better than Man 0′ War.

  8. Teddy Lopez says:

    First of all Eddie Arcaro also said kelso was the greatest horse at any age, so where the heck are we? I don’t know if you know that Jim Squires who is a respected horseman has a book out that secretriat was juiced up on steroids and, even mentions exactly what they were giving him. I don’t Squires would lie about that. They make such a big deal about when secretariat won that belmont race by 31 lengths. First of all the only real competition secretariat had in the race wa sham, who beat him once, and, sham broke down. T

  9. Teddy Lopez says:

    First of all Eddie Arcaro also said kelso was the greatest horse at any age, so where the heck are we? I don’t know if you know that Jim Squires who is a respected horseman has a book out that secretriat was juiced up on steroids and, even mentions exactly what they were giving him. I don’t Squires would lie about that. They make such a big deal about when secretariat won that belmont race by 31 lengths. First of all the only real competition secretariat had in the race wa sham, who beat him once, and, sham broke down. The other two horses were bums. Secretariat did that 1 mile and a half on dirt on two turns, carrying 126 pounds, cause he never did carry more than 126 pounds, in 2:24 flat; He didn’t have any traffic ahead of him neither, so he could run all out anywhere he could. You want a real great feat, man? You take when kelso did the dc in 1964 which was againts the best horses in the whole world, is also 1 mile and a half in 2:23 4/5 on grass on 3 turns. Notice, 3 turns. Now, some people say grass is faster than dirt, when you ask those people just how much darn faster they’ll say about 1 secound. The other people I’ve spoken to all over the country, say that that’s baloney, that it depends on the condition of the track, it had been a pretty rainy year in dc that year. Even if it is true that grass would have been 1 secound faster, being that kelso did that on 3 turns, doesn’t that secound go to hell? Ofcaurse it does! Oh, and, I hope you’re sittin down for this one, kelso had set a record for the 2 miles on a sloppy track, which was really a wet track, just 11 days before the dc!!! You talk about secretariat on a sloppy track, I don’t think he set a record though. They make all kinds of excuses for secretairat losing to proof out. First of all when Allen Jerkins’ horse proof out beat secretariat, proof out was giving away 7 pounds to him. Proof out kicked his butt fair and, square, man. Proof out was no fluke horse, he beat 4 hall of fame horses, and hold the secound fastest 2 miles after the great kelso! They never raced proof out again. Dick Jenkins who worked with kelso told me the secretariat people avoided proof out like the plauge! Onion another Jerkins horse also beat secrtetariat and, they make all these excuses also. Jerkins did beat kelso with beau purple 3 times but, one of those times I know for sure that beau purple was carrying 7 less pounds than kelso. Kelso did beat him the 4th time around at equal weights. Miss dupont, kelsos’ owner was not avoiding beau purple. They also talk all that crap about secretariat breaking some of man of wars’ records, I’ll give you an example of how unfair that is. Man of war set the record for 1 mile and 1/16 at 1:44 4/5 carrying 138 pounds, when secretariat broke the record he ws only carrying 126 pounds when he did 1:42 something. If you consider the tracks where i worse conditions when man of war raced and that horse shoes were heavier and there wer no starting gates, what the hell are these secretriat people talking about? Secretariat was not the greatest racehorse ever, he lost 5 races as it was and, wasn’t giving away much weight to his opponents. When it comes to who did more it’s still kelso. Kelso was a little horse that looked like a deer, what happened to secretariats’ big heart when he got his butt kicked 5 times? Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  10. Randy Scarborough says:

    When did Eddie say Kelso was the greatest at any age my good man Teddy? Was it before he seen Secretariat?? In 1996 the yr. he died he plainly stated to Bill Christine in a interview that Citation and Kelso were the 2 best horses he ever rode but rated Secretariat the best of all time. He told this to Turcotte in 1977 I believe was the yr. He also stated many times Secretariat was the fastest horse he ever seen. How about that. His 2:26 3/5 on a sloppy track that wasn’t running fast at all as quoted by Steve Haskin but it was the 3rd fastest time ever ran on a dirt track at that time. Haskin also said he was still in shock why Penny still ran him in ther Woodward with two slow gallops in 2 weeks on grass unprepared to run at that distance. Very lousy decision he said and its Haskin excuse not mine and must say a pretty darn good one. Steven Crist pretty much quoted the same thing as many, many others. Its not the Secrtetariat fans excuses but the experts who knew. And you also know it as well Teddy. So pony up and admit the truth. Who in the heck is Proof Out anyhow. Don’t know of any horse by that name Secrtetariat raced against. Match Man 0′ War & Secretariat up with the same weight Teddy old boy and who wins? Guess you don’t know Secretariat passed the 1 3/8 mile distance in 2:11 1/5 in the Belmont crusing. Thats 3 full seconds faster than Man 0′ War Belmont time of 2:14 1/5. I guess your exuse is the slow treack,. steel shoes and maybe Man 0′ War was carrying weight on his legs. We all know most all that seen both of these two greats stated Secretariat the better. That more than enough for me. BTW, the Jock that finished ahead of Secretariat 3 times stated Secretariat was the greatest horse that ever lived.

  11. Teddy Lopez says:

    you better go read that Jim Squire book of how Secretariat was on steroids. He died of liminitis which is a desease horses who on on steroids die of and, he had an appetite that was unreal which happens when they’re on roids. He died at 19 years of age which is kind of young for a horse to die. He had trouble producing also. Oh, and, I’ve spoken to Leonard Lusky who handles the secretariat thing for Penny Cheney and, he agrees that Prove out beat secretariat fair and, square. If you didn’t know prove out was giving away 7 pounds to secretariat. They never raced prove out again. Prove out also whupped riva ridges’ butt who was secretariats’ stable mate. You talk about secretariats’ breaking some of man of wars’ records, why don’t you talk about howmmuch weight they were each carrying. One big example is that when man of war set the record for 1 mile and 1/16 he was carrying 138 pounds compared to secretariat carrying 126 pounds, cause he never did carrying more than 126 pounds, that 12 pounds less than man of wars’ 138 pounds, secretariat di the 1 mile and 1/16 about 2 secounds faster, now what the hell are we talking about , 12 pounds would not have slowed man or war down and, then add that the tracks were in worst condition, the horse shoes were made of steel which are definately heavier than the aluminum shoes secretariat was wearing and, there wer no darn starting gates. Oh and, you better believe that if man of war was on any perfomance enhancing crap it wasn’t the same thing secretariat was on about 60 years later. Which would have been an advantage for secretariat. You gotta be kidding. Why don’t you mention the wieght they were carrying. They talk all that crap about secretariats’ big heart, where the hell was his big heart when he got his butt kicked 5 times, all though he was disqualified. Look what happened to big brown when they took him off the roids. You wanna look at a hell of a perfomance go look at kelsos’ dc perfomance in 1964 which is againts the best horses in the world and, not like secretariats perfomance at belmont for the triple crown in which his only real compition was sham, and, sham broke down, and they other two horse were two bums. Kelso did 2:23 4/5 carrying 126 pounds on 3 turns, only 11 days after breaking his own record on dirt for the 2 miles! Man you tell me what other horse has done that. Secretariat did 2:24 flat on 2 turns carrying 126 pounds, now remember after sham broke down, he had no traffic ahead of him, so he was on his own with no horse to block him. If grass is faster at all, which half of the people I have spokenn to say is a secound faster the dirt, doesn’t that secound go to hell being that kelso did the dc on 3 turns. I would think so. Oh and, I’m not gonna let you forget that kelso had far better competition being he was racing againts the best horses in the world which included gun bow who was no slouch and was related to him. Kelso came out secound 3 years in a row in the dc and,, then finally came out 1st. When did secretariat race againts international horses? You gotta be kidding. What else did secretariat do that was great other than the triple crown? Go look at kelsos’ acomplishments, and, you better be sitting down for some of the things will scare the hell out of you. If kelso was on any roids at all, he looked like a damn deer, and, he was still carrying something like 12th percent of his weight. He won 31 or 30 stake races, 13 of them carrying over 130 pounds. When he became only the 4th horse ever to win the handicapped triple crown he was giving away 20 pound to the runner up. You wanna talk. Greatest horse ever is between kelso and his great grandfather man of war. Ofcaurse you secretariat fans hate to hear that he was on steroids. Again if man of war was on anything,, it wasn’t the crap secretariat was on. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  12. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy I hope you’re sitting down for this one on the great kelso, 13 or those 30 or 31 stake races that kelso won he was ofcaurse carrying 130 or more, he was giving away 17 pounds to the runners up!!! Don’t get a heart attack now. What’s the most weight secretariat ever gave away to his opponents? He 5 times as it was and, he wasn’t giving away mush weight to the other horses. Where was his big heart when prove out kicked his butt giving 7 pounds away to him? Atleast when beau purple beat kelso in ione of the 3 races kelso was giving away 7 pounds to him. Kelso did finally beat him when the weight were even. Funny it was Willie Shoemaker in the saddle with kelso and, kelso didn’t do well with Shoemaker. When Valenzuela came in to ride kelso, kelso started winning again. Secretariat lost to two of Allen Jerkins’ horses, prove out and, onion. But, all the secretariat people have is excuses, excuses, when Leonard Lusky whom I have spoken to and, is a nice guy, told me prove out beat secretariat fair and , square. Prove out was a reall good horse who got hurt alot during his carear, but, he did beat 4 hall of famers and, again, he holds the secound fastest 2 miles after the great kelso. Now if prove out beat secretariat, you think kelso might have had a chance in hell of beating secretariat. You better think about Randy.’ Greatest racehorse ever is between kelso and, his great grandfather man of war. So many great horses came out of man of war. That alone says it all for man of war. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  13. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy, if you don’t know who prove out was, than I’m talking to the wrong person. I don’t think you know much about horse racing history. Go to your lap top or computor and look up how prove kicked secretariats’ butt, giving 7 pounds to him and, like Dick Jenkins who worked with kelso told me, they avoided him like the plague after that. I’m really surprised you’re talking all this stuff about secretariat and, that you never heard of prove out. Get it together Randy. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  14. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, and,kelso didn’t duck Beau purple. In one of those 3 races that beau purple beat kelso, the great kelso was giving away 7 pounds to him, oh and,funny all those 3 times purple beat kelso, it was was willie shoemaker in the saddle and, kelso didn’t seem to like shoemaker on his back. Kelso finally beat beau purple and, didn’t duck him like secretariat did to prove out. Kelso ofcaurse got into his winning ways again when valenzuela came in to replace the soft handed shoemaker. Secretariat avoided prove out like the plague. Funny, prove out holds the secound fastest two miles after the great kelso. Oh, by the way kelso broke that 2 mile record on a sloppy track. Kelso did the 2 miles faster than Citation. Such bullcrap that bloodhorse has citation just before kelso, when eddie acaro who rode them both said ‘kelso would have beaten the crap out of citation’. Greatest horse is between kelso and, his great grandfather. Kelsos’ biggest fan Teddy.

  15. Teddy Lopez says:

    Kelso was the greatest race horse of all-times and, there will never be another kelso. Some of the stuff he did makes my hair stand up. This was a horse that looked under nurished, poor kelso looked like a deer. It was just in his genes, again when they put him next to forego at belmont in 1983, kelso was 26 and, forego was 13 and, many say kelso still looked as young as forego. Somebody told me ‘he was a freak’. He sure was and, there will never be another kelso. ‘ONCE UPON A TIME THERE WAS A HORSE CALLED KELSO, BUT ONLY ONCE’. My God, kelso carried 12 pct of his body weight for a little horse that looked like a deer, that was more than forego who stood 17 hands and, weighed more than kelso did. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  16. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy, I got some real nice news for you, if you didn’t know. When secretariat did the man of war on grass for 1 mile and 1 half he was carrying 121 pounds and, 224:8 on 2 turns. He never did do better than 224: something on grass for a mile and, a half. He did grass twice. The great kelso did 223:4/5 on grass for 1 mile and, 1 half, he was carrying 126 pounds, he did that on, mind you, 3 turns, not 2 turns and,, did it in the dc which was better compitition than secretariat had at the man of war and, his other grass adventure. I hope you’re sitting down, you don’t have a bad heart do you? Kelso did that just 11 days after breaking his own record for the jockey gold cup at 319:4 on a sloppy track, mind you. get me another horse that’s won the jockey gold cup 5 years and, in as damn row and, then in any won the dc just 11 days later the way the great kelso did. You gotta be kidding. In the 87 year history of the jockey gold cup only 7 or 9 horses have ever won it 2 times. The great kelso did it 5 times, and, 5 damn times in a row! While he was also winning other stake races those same years. There was never a horse like kelso before him and, there will never be aniother kelso after him. Kelso is by far the greatest racehorse of all-times. He carried 12pct of his weight for a little horse that just made 16 hands as an adult. He was carrying more weight thann forego who was 17 hands and, weighed about 200 or more punds more than kelso! Secretariat was a protected horse who ducked prove out in the jockey gold cup like avoidig the plauge. Why would they put riva ridge in an important race like the jockey gold cup which is 2 miles and, the max and, not put secretriat in who was a better horse than his stable mate riva ridge? Sures sounds irrational doesn’t it. You better believe they were ducking prove out. Again, by the way Randy, prove out holds the secound fasted ever jockey gold cup which is 2 miles, after the great kelso, prove out did 3:20 flat, the great kelso did 319:4 but, again that was on a sloppy track. You think kelso would have done better than 319:4 if that had not been a sloppy track. Common sense would say yes, wouldn’t it now? Kelso did beat 3:20 twice, that means he did 3:19 twice. It’s kind of real hard to argue that kelso was not and, is the greatest racehorse of all-times. Never mind that secretariat was on lasix. Oh by the way Randy,lasix is illegal to use in horse racing in other countrys. Gee, I freakin wonder why? Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  17. Teddy Lopez says:


  18. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh by the way, RG, kelso did a furlong in 11 secounds flat, what’s the best secrtetariat ever did? Put that in your pipe and, smoke it. Digest that. Oh, kelso was a smaller horse than secretariat and, he had a shorter stride, go figure. Kelso was the greatest, I have yet to read or hear yet that the great kelso was on roids. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  19. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy in none of the 4 races that kelso competed with beau purple was beau purple ever carrying more weight than the great kelso. Let me run the weights down for you, race one- kelso 132lbs[1/2] beau purple 115lbs[1/2] that’s kelso giving away 17 pounds to beau purple, race two, kelso 130lbs[3/4] beau purple 117lbs[1/2], race three they ran even at 126lbs[1/2] each, race four-kelso 131lbs beau purple 125[1/4] 2hich is the one kelso beat him in. Strange how kelso lost to him at equal weights but beat him giving 7 pounds away to him. Funny how the great kelso won 39 races and 32 of them were stake races! Posibility they were holding the great kelso back in the little races and, letting him run all out in the important ones. No wonder eddie arcaro said once in a while he would hold kelso back, in the begginning, so they wouldn’t put even more weight on him! Damn, he was that great? Seems that way. Oh by, the way Randy, had secretariat ran againts proove out in the jockey gold cup that would have been equal weights at 126lbs each. He wouldn’t have the advantage of proove out giving away 7 pounds to him like at the woodward. I think they knew better and, made up a sweet excuse to stay out of the jockey gold cup proove out. Funny how proove out pulled out the secound fastest horse ever to run the jockey gold cup after the great kelso, proove out did 3:20 flat. Kelso did 3:19 1/4 but, that was on a sloppy track. I don’t think secretariat wanted no part of proove out ever again. It would have been like facing the great kelso almost, almost. kELSOS’ BIGGEST FAN, TEDDY.

  20. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy, you still don’t know who proove out was? Secretariat is damn lucky proove out wasn’t in the triple crown races of 73′. He’s lucky he didn’t have to run againts proove out at equal weights in the jockey gold cup. Yes, I understand why you block proove out out of your mind, he was like a nightmare you just block out. This horse proove out could have been one of the truly great racehorses in history, he just got hurt too much and, would log out or tend to look to the sides until the great Allen Jerkens, who I haved had the privlege to speak to, really straighten him out. Mr. Jerkens had proove out training at 3 miles. Scary isn’t that, now? Kelsos’ biggest fan Teddy.

  21. Teddy Lopez says:

    Oh, Randy, this just keeps getting scarrier. I keep discovering crazy things about the great kelso. In the history of the handicap triple crown, and, you should know what handicap means. There have only been 4 horses to ever win it, kelso is ofcaurse one of them but, the difference is, that the great kelso is the only horse ever to win the handicap triple carrying 130 or more in all three races! Damn! To think that that’s just jusrt one of the great kelsos’ many, many awesome acomplishments and, creditials! I hope you were sitting down, Randy. Don’t get a heart attack or have any nightmares. Kelso was and, is the greatest racehorse of all-times for more reasons than any other racehorse ever. He has more credentials for the hall of fame than any other horse. His setting those jockery gold cup record and, then setting the dc cup record just 11 days apart at the age of 7, was like a human athlete still setting records at the age of 40 or more! Kelso will never happen again. Like some critic said, these horse today are a bunch of punks compared to kelso and, some of the great horses from the past. They don’t even race them 2 miles anymore and, they don’t put too much weight on them anymore. Oh, Randy It would have sure been interesting had proov out participated in the triple crown races of 1973, wouldn’t it now? I asked the great Allen Jerkins, why not and, he said he wasn’t working with proov out then. Too sad, I really think the proov out who Jerkins trained into a great horse, who have kicked secretariat and, shams’ butts and, won the triple crown. They can thank God proov out wasn’t in Mr. Jerkins’ hands then. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  22. Teddy Lopez says:

    I made a mistake, Prove out could not have participated in the triple crown races againts secretariat, prove out was 1 year older than secretariat but, I think strongly had prove out been the same age as secretariat and, in Allen Jerkins’ hands, Secretariat would have been in alot of trouble. Jerkins really made a really good horse out of prove out, he got him to stop logging in and, put blinkers on him to stop him from looking sideways and , getting distracted. Prove out could have been one of the really great horses of all-times, he really went on a roll with Allen and, beat 4 hall of famers in a span of just 2 months! He beat Secretariat, cougar 2, forego and, he beat riva ridge. Hell, doesn’t sound like that woodward race was no fluke to me. Hum! Again he went and, became the secound fastest horse ever to do the jockey gold cup at 3:20 flat, after the great kelso who did 3:19 1/5 and, broke his own record on a sloppy track! Kelsos’ biggest fan,, Teddy.

  23. Teddy Lopez says:

    Hey, Randy, how fast do you think kelso might have done that last jockey gold cup two miles which he did breaking his own record at 3:19 1/5 had that not been a sloppy track? Think he might have done it faster than that? Imagine had kelso been a bigger horse and, had a longer stride, the way he could motor those legs than what? You tell me. He might have also set or tied more records had Eddie Arcaro not held him back at the beginning, hell he also would have won by more lengths. Then again they would have put even more weight on poor kelso who didn’t make 16 hands till he was 4 years old and, weighed about 1000 pounds and, looked like a deer. What do you think, that he might have done that last jockey gold cup even faster had that not been a sloppy track. By the way secretariat or even man of war never set a record on a sloppy track, kelso did twice. Also the true test of a great horse comes in with the handicap races, how much weight they could give away and, still win. They didn’t put secretariat in many handicap races did they Randy, gee were they protecting him? kELSOS’ BIGGEST FAN, TEDDY.

  24. Teddy Lopez says:

    Randy I’m gonna throw you a nuclear bomb. When the great kelso did the dc in 64′ againts the best horses in the world and, not just 1 good horse and, two bums, not only did he set the record for the 1 mile and a half at 2:23 4/5 he did it on 3 turns but, the turns were tighter than the wide and sweeping turns secretariat took at the belmont which was 2 turns. The race at the dc then had no starting gates, they used tape cause the foreign horses were not used to gates, so that would have thrown kelso off and, made it even harder for KING KELLY. I’ll will remind you again that kelso did that only 11 days after breaking his own record when he won the jockey gold cup for the 5th time at 3:19 1/5 and, that was on a sloppy track!!! You think the great kelso might have done 3:18 had that not been a sloppy track Randy? Hell of a possibility, right Randy. Kelso was freakin unbelievable. I tell people that when they go to read some of the freakish things kelso did to make sure they’re sitting down. I’ll be damned if kelso isn’t the greatest racheorse of all-times. He won 3 woodwards and 3 whitneys, he would have won 4 woodwards but, that was the race that his cousin gunbow beat him by a nose but, that was cause the great kelso hit his head againts the gate and fell to 3 legs. Think kelso would have won a 4th woodward, Randy? Damn right! That other horsey, citation had trouble carrying weight, he never won carrying more than 129 pounds, kelso did! Oh and, the great kelso weighed about 900 to 1000 pounds and, looked like a deer! He was carrying 12pct of his body weight! Remember then that if secretariat was carrying 126 pounds, which was the most he ever carried and, kelso was carrying the same weight, it was more of a burden on the samller horse kelso, remember secretariat weighed 1,200 pounds. Kelso won 8 out of 9 races in his third year, 6 of them were stake races. That’s considering eddie arcaro said he would hold him back sometimes to keep them from putting even more weight on him and, to keep him from winning by many lenghs! Kelso was and, is the greatest race horse of all-times, and, there will never be another kelso. No horse if gonna be horse of the year 5 years in a row and, he would also have to win the jockey gold cup those same 5 years in a row and, these punk horses don’t even run 2 miles anymore. Kelso was the God of racehorses. He also beat 5 horses who had won triple drown races, 12 times in his carear. I hope you’re ok Randy. Sorry about your recurring nightmare. Yes ‘ONCE THERE WAS A HORSE NAMED KELSO BUT, ONLY ONCE’. Poor kelso he looked like a deer. Man, they worked him hard, didn’t they? KELSO WAS GOD OF RACEHORSES. Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.

  25. Teddy Lopez says:

    Hey, Randy, you still don’t know who Prove out was? Yah, it figures, it’s better for you and, all you secretariat fans to block prove out out of your minds. Here, I’ll refresh your memory, prove out not only kicked secretariats’ butt[oh andm, he was giving 7 pounds away to him], he also kicked secretariats’ stable mate, who wasn’t good for crap on a sloppy track, riva ridges’ butt, in the jockey gold cup, he also kicked, Foregos’ and, cougar 2’s butts in a span of just 2 months! Yes, that was no fluke at the woodward. Prove out would have been one of the very greatest racehorses of all-times had he not got hurt so much at the beginning and, had the great Allen Jerkins caught him earlier on. Coincidence he is the secound horse after the great kelso to ever do the fastest jockey gold cup. No coincidence, Allen Jerkins is one of the very greatest trainers ever and, prove out had it in him and, Mr, Jerkins brought it out of him. I talk to Mr. Jerkins once in a while and, one of the many things I’ve asked him was, what would he have done with kelso and, he said ‘[well, I don’t think there was much or anything I could teach him’. Funny the great kelso didn’t need blinkers or, none of that. Secretariat had to use blinkers ah? Oh, well. He also needed to use a 22 pound heart to get more oxygen and, prove out with a smaller heart and, giving away 7 pounds to him, still kicked his 22 pound heart advantage hearts’ butt! Kelsos’ biggest fan, Teddy.