Colin’s Ghost turned out for 2010

Nov 21st 2010 09:27 pm |

Here at Colin’s Ghost headquarters we are officially in the off-season. I might chime in a few more times before the end of the year but won’t be back for regular weekly posts until the beginning of 2011.

It’s been a great year and I want to thank everyone who has visited the site, especially those who have commented or taken the time to send me emails. I met a good number of readers at the track this year, which is always tremendously gratifying. I also want to thank the New York Racing Association, Hello Race Fans, and TVG for advertising in this space in 2010.

In the off-season, I will be working on revamping this site. My goal is to post more frequently next year so it will require some tweaking to the current design. Of course, I will still have a weekly article but will also be posting additional historic films and photographs on a weekly basis. I am really excited about the prospects for a new and improved Colin’s Ghost in 2011.

Of course, we can’t check out for 2010 without a little something from the archive. So, at year’s end, I leave you with this from the great Grantland Rice:

Maxims from Methuselah

Take your pick from the tipsters, who give you the winning horse,
But kindly remember the answer in the heart of your black remorse,

Horse racing [is] an opium dream, beyond all dreams ever spun,
Where every sad bloke in the mob should have won every race that was run.

Did you ever notice, my friend, in the race track’s grotto of tears,
How many go to the seller’s maw — how few to the lone cashier’s?

Did you ever notice, old pal, in the race track’s dizzy spin
There are ninety ways that a horse can lose — with only one way to win?

— from Grantland Rice’s The Tumult and the Shouting published in 1954


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4 Responses to “Colin’s Ghost turned out for 2010”

  1. Hoffmann says:

    Great site!

    Looking forward to the New Year and many great articles on COLIN’S GHOST.

  2. Jim says:

    Looking forward to more great articles in 2011. Keep up the great work.

  3. Tom says:

    Every time I have checked your site out and read your work I come away entertained, interested and impressed. Thanks,and well done–Here’s to Colin’s Ghost, at the post in ’11.

  4. Nina says:

    I love the stuff you come up with! Merry Christmas and am looking forward to Colin’s Ghost 2011.