Kentucky Derby picks, 2012

May 4th 2012 04:15 pm |

Happy Derby everybody! Kentucky Derby day is horse racing’s greatest holiday and I am really excited about this year’s edition.  We have a talented group of colts for the Derby that could go on to big things this year and beyond.  I wrote a race preview for CBS Local that includes my thoughts and picks for the big race.  You can read it here: Kentucky Derby: The Best Field Since 2007 Set To Run For The Roses

Hello Race Fans has some excellent Kentucky Derby and Kentucky Oaks related content including a cheat sheet with a summary of all the Kentucky Derby entries and an article with some ideas on how to bet this year’s race.

Let’s hope they all get around safe and we have a great two days of racing in Louisville.

Also, if you have some time to kill between races, the first auction at Derby Auctions is open for business: Check it out and start bidding!

Enjoy and good luck!

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One Response to “Kentucky Derby picks, 2012”

  1. Don Reed says:

    KM, good luck today. Try not to go too hard with Dullahan.

    At least with Bode (why do people name their children after childish, immature Olympic athletes?!), not only is he hard to like, he’s hard to toss. But Kent (Dullahan) is quite likely to have a difficult & unrewarding Derby.

    Have fun. Cut the telephone wires, throw the cel phone in the fish tank (add water to tank at 7 a.m., if necessary), put up phony “No Exit-Cul De Sac” signs at both entrances to your street, and call Paris to see if your wife has spent the (as yet unwon) winnings (this year, she knew better. “I’m evacuating the house on Derby Day!”).

    That is, if there is a wife. If not, the odds are pretty good that there’s a fish tank. Where else would we store losing tickets?