Belmont Stakes, 2012

Jun 16th 2012 10:30 am |

Unions Rags after winning the Belmont

Another Triple Crown season is over. The glass half empty crowd will define this year based on the announcement of I’ll Have Another’s scratch last Friday. I’m not among those who feel the 2012 Belmont Stakes was ruined by the defection of the dual classic winner. Maybe I’m overly optimistic but even though I couldn’t pick a winner for the past five weeks and the Triple Crown try ended in the most anti-climatic way possible I still think 2012 will be a memorable year. All three of the big races had exciting finishes, the undercards were fantastic, and Union Rags, my hometown horse, won the Belmont Stakes.

Anyone who was in the house at Belmont last Saturday would agree that few tears were shed about the scratch of I’ll Have Another. A large and enthusiastic crowd packed one of America’s greatest racing facilities to witness some unbelievable finishes and redemption for one of the best colts of his generation. I have said this before but Belmont Stakes day is one of the greatest bargains in big event sports. It only takes $10 to get you in the door to witness one of the classiest racing days of the calendar year.

Here are a couple of photographs I snapped during Belmont Stakes day 2012:

Caixa Eletronica winner of the Grade 2 True North Handicap

Winter Memories before a second place finish in the Grade 1 Just A Game Handicap

Tapitsfly winner of the Grade 1 Just a Game and her stakes record time

Desert Blanc before winning the Grade 1 Manhattan Handicap

Crowd around the paddock before the Belmont Stakes

Union Rags

Dullahan looking like a million bucks in the paddock

The 2012 Belmont Stakes winner

I am relocating Colin’s Ghost headquarters to Media, Pennsylvania, the hometown of Man o’ War and War Admiral, this week. My plan is to get back with a history post next week. Summer racing is upon us and I have some great stuff planned over the next few months. Thanks as always and let me know if you have any ideas or suggestion for the site. I love hearing from readers so please keep the comments coming!

Good Luck!

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3 Responses to “Belmont Stakes, 2012”

  1. helene says:


    Photos are great – photos from these vantage points are rarely released to the general public – yet these are the views most of us would get if we were there – I am thanking you for sharing them.


  2. Don Reed says:

    “Anyone who was in the house at Belmont last Saturday would agree that few tears were shed about the scratch of I’ll Have Another.”

    These last minute scratches started to get old hat around the time that I Want Revenge was bonked on the morning of the Derby. Further back, Buddha. Being inured to chaos is not what I had in mind when they asked me what I wanted to be, when I grew up.

    Hats off to NYRA for running a decent day of racing with a big crowd that had a pleasant day. Screw history, it was a pleasant day. I’ll settle for that any time.

    Very good photos! Yes, Dullahan looked wonderful. Then. There. In the Paddock.

    Three cheers to the 40-watt trainers who, frustrated about the detention barn, jumped on NYRA’s case when the actual cause of the fiasco (not the scapegoat), Mr. O’Neill, was standing right next to them. Next time one of their kids wants to blame the cat for the spilled soda on the living room furniture, they just might succeed with the same tactics.

    Part of me still says that O’Neill and Reddam, fed up with the criticism, weren’t all that upset when the “legitimate” case of tendentious surfaced. Neither needed the money, which they’ll get anyway, five-ten times over when the breeding starts.

    And a quiet sense of satisfaction was theirs when the scratch wrecked NYRA’s dreams of The Big Day taking the heat off them, in the aftermath of the inexplicable Hayward Affair and the coup d’etat of the NYRA Board of Directors.

    Joe Talemo, scratched off I Want Revenge, still waiting for That Derby Mount. Let’s hope he and Mario G. don’t have to wait another decade for a 2nd chance.
    Guys: It’s not going to be a horse with a name that starts with “I.” Not even Eye Ball Candy as the fave will do the trick.


    ONLY the Australians, God bless them, could have carded this race.

    Four horse field. They’re off.

    After the first quarter, the race caller:

    “Noforeplay, a filly, is up against three geldings…”

    (last night, 06/16/12)

  3. Bert says:

    Great stuff, as always, Kevin. Keep up the good work.