I’ll Have Another, the missing DRF archive, and a Belmont Stakes newsreel

Jun 6th 2012 10:00 am |

I’ll Have Another gallops around the Belmont oval on Saturday morning (Credit: NYRA)

I had plans for a Triple Crown related post this week but my plans were thwarted when I found that the Daily Racing Form online archives is still offline. It’s been two weeks since the fine folks who run the site posted a message on their homepage that the archive covering the period from the 1960s to 1991 is “temporarily offline.”

I sent a message to the Kentuckiana Digital Library and received a prompt reply saying that they were working to get it back online but I’m starting to worry that we might be looking at a long term absence of this valuable content. It seems a perfect time to let them know what the DRF historic archives means to fans of racing history. If you have a minute, please send a note to our friends in Kentucky at kdl-help@kdl.kyvl.org and let them know the DRF archives is missed. The more people that let them know what an important resource this is, the quicker they might get it back online.

I will be writing a few articles about this year’s Belmont Stakes for CBS Local that will be published on Friday. I will send out a link when they are available. One of the articles will be a collection of opinions from some of my favorite handicappers on how they would use a $100 bankroll on the Belmont Stakes. It should be a worthwhile piece for those looking to put some money down on the Belmont.

I’ll be at Belmont Park for I’ll Have Another’s Triple Crown try on Saturday and will be posting images from the scene throughout the day via Twitter (@colinsghost). I’m one-hundred percent behind I’ll Have Another from a rooting perspective but, having seen enough Triple Crown attempts fall short, the value in the wagering pools will be playing against him. Both Dullahan and Paynter look like intriguing alternatives to the favorite but I’ll save my final thoughts on playing the race until after the field is drawn.

Our friend Frank Vespe from That’s Amore Stables posted a treasure of Belmont Stakes newsreels compiled by filmmaker Jeff Krulik. It includes newsreels for ten editions of the Belmont Stakes, including the last ever run at the ‘old’ Belmont Park in 1962 and three of the editions run at Aqueduct in the 1960s.  One of my favorites is the newsreel for the 1963 Belmont won by Chateaugay. It is an outstanding collection of historic films that I know readers of Colin’s Ghost will really enjoy…check it out:



Good luck and let’s go I’ll Have Another!


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4 Responses to “I’ll Have Another, the missing DRF archive, and a Belmont Stakes newsreel”

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  2. Ron Micetic says:

    Thanks, Kevin. The Belmont clips were great. I have programs for several of those races, but had never seen many of them.

  3. helene says:

    Hi Kevin

    this is FABULOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I had never seen this and am so touched to see the live footage of my father
    (in his straw hat).

    As for IHA, I bet him in the Derby, sensing months ago he was THE HORSE.

    thanking you


  4. Don Reed says:

    Cliche Alert: “Grumpy” and “crusty” are in, “kind of” and “a little” (as in, “a little bit”) are on their way out.

    For all writers disdainful of originality, take note. Keep on imitating Our Gods, the ESPN parrots.

    Do not deviate from repeating exactly what you hear; otherwise, your popularity will suffer. For members of The Greatest Conformist Generation in American history, this will spell utter doom.

    People will disown you on Facebook and Twitter; if they don’t acknowledge your existence, you will vanish. So get in line, when you’re on line, and stay in line.


    All horses safe home on June 9th, please!