White Jockeys Plot to ‘Do’ Lee, 1908

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A brief post today inspired by an article at Brooklyn Backstretch about Jimmy Winkfield – I wanted to share a story I found awhile back while virtually “wandering” around the Library of Congress. The works of Edward Hotaling and Joe Drape tell the story of the unfortunate end to the era of the black jockey at the turn of the nineteenth-century. The clip below provides a snapshot of that era and offers insight into the mechanisms that drove African-Americans jockeys out of the sport. The following is from the New York Evening Sun, May 23 1908. I think the content speaks for itself:

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The New York stewards did nothing to protect J. Lee. His name disappears from the record as did the names of all other African American jockeys.


Article accessed at Library of Congress: Historic Newspapers. Check out the original context here.

The tributes to the great Joe Hirsch have been wonderful to read. Not only have we been given the opportunity to read the memories of writers we know but the comments by readers on Crist Blog and Hangin’ with Haskin have made quite a contribution to the writer’s memory. There is something to be said for a man who left an impression on so many people. I hope the Daily Racing Form publishes a compilation of his writing or, at least, makes it available online. A compilation of his year in reviews from the American Racing Manual would produce an instant textbook for horseracing in the 80s and 90s.

I am still in pain from the Eagles loss on Sunday. I thought this was going to be the year after they killed the stinkin’ Cowboys in week 17. It is tough being an Eagles fan…

Speaking of football – Valerie at Foolish Pleasure put together an outstanding article on Steelers founder Art Rooney’s crazy handicapping prowess and love of racing.

Back with another post this weekend. I have a number of half finished posts that I keep getting distracted from.

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    Wow-interesting and sad. Great research.