Great American Race Track Project, 1865 to 2012

The goal of the Great American Race Track Project – coordinated by the crew at Colin’s Ghost – is to document every location in the United States that hosted thoroughbred racing from 1865 to the present. This is an ongoing project and the current list (below) is a work in progress. We are hoping to get help from the racing community to further the project along. If you have information about a location or have a correction to data in the current list, please use the comments section below to contribute or contact me by email at

To view the complete spreadsheet that includes citations, a notes section, and links to sources…click here

Note: The opened and closed dates are for thoroughbred racing — so the open and close dates refer to the year it started or ceased thoroughbred operations. A full set of guidelines is at the bottom of the page.

Criteria for inclusion

1) Race track must have been located within the United States
2) Track must have hosted Thoroughbred racing at anytime from 1865 to the present.
3) All entries in the Great American Race Track project will include a cited source (primary or secondary) with the exception of tracks currently operating or recently closed.
4) The opened and closed dates are for the first and last year the track hosted thoroughbred racing

If you have any questions, please let me know.